Nuda Proprietà

About This Project

I have been doing this job for almost five years now. I enter houses of strangers on demand, always with a few minutes of delay on my schedule. Sometimes It happens to me to have the keys and be able to go alone, undisturbed and free to move between the rooms: it is the best condition to photograph the apartments.

There is a sort of mutual understanding with real estate agents. I know what kind of photos they expect from me: different points of view of the place, from multiple angles, with the brighter light possible. The idea that life in there can be fresh and bright – that makes real estate sell.

Some sellers cannot tolerate overloaded interiors, filled with objects, especially if they are old and do not tell about present days. With them I make no secret of loving those kinds of scenarios, for me they are full of details and stories to imagine.

When they are present at the photo shootings that the company arranges for me, some owners follow me like a shadow. They control every single move ii make inside their home, as if some precious secrets can suddenly be exposed and become visible. Revealed.

I am a perfect stranger authorized to observe the universe of the lives of others – the most intimate and private side – with the privilege of being able to photograph everything. The empty houses, the overloaded ones, those minimally furnished and those in which there is still the same wallpaper since the 70s. All those levels of life that follow one another. The objects on the shelves, a reminder attached to the bathroom tiles, the shoes lined up inside the lockers.

When I enter, I slowly open the door and i enjoy the moment, looking for what awaits me beyond the threshold.